Solar Power in Russia

Norsk Energi helps to bring solar power to an off-grid settlement in Northern Russia.

A 37 kW solar power plant was commissioned in Kimovaara settlement of the Republic of Karelia (North-West Russia) end of 2019. After being seven months in operation, it cut the diesel power use by 33% on average. Integration of this plant into Kimovaara’s energy system was an issue, but after some time and after redesign of the system, all technical and logistical problems were successfully resolved . This project was managed by Norsk Energi and ANO Energy Efficiency Centre in Karelia with the financial support of Nordic Environmental Finance Corporation.

Read more information about this project and about specific “nordic” aspects off-grid solar power and watch youtube video at the website of ANO Energy Efficiency Centre in Karelia:

Contact: Sergei Faschevsky

Solenergi i Russland

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