District heating

District heating and cooling utilize renewable energy sources such as biomass, geothermal, sea and sun energy as well as waste energy from industry production and waste incineration. Water based thermal energy systems have significant storage capacity and flexibility to adopt to variations in demand. This makes district heating and cooling a vital part of the future energy system. The interaction between district heating systems and general power supply will be even more important in the coming decades as the need for power will increase.

Norsk Energi have delivered engineering services to the district heating industry for more than 40 years. We can contribute in the entire project process from feed studies, detailed engineering and supervision on site during construction and commissioning. At an early stage of the project we can contribute with concept evaluation, energy calculations, economical calculations and applications to authorities. Our competence covers the total system including energy plants, distribution systems and customer sub stations. In addition to high technical knowledge we can also contribute with commercial considerations to energy companies.

Our services

  • Feed studies
  • Economical calculations
  • Evaluation of energy sources
  • Engineering of distribution pipes
  • Engineering of sub stations
  • 3D models and BIM
  • Applications to autorities
  • Simulations of distribution network
  • Risk analysis and SIL
  • Procurement strategy
  • Heating and cooling plans
  • Automation and control
  • Commissioning
  • Problem solving
  • Supervision on site
  • Enviromental evaluations
  • Air pullution simuations
  • Training of operation personnel