About Norsk Energi

Norsk Energi are experts in the effective, environmentally friendly and safe use of energy. As a leading expert on thermal energy, we assist both Norwegian and international clients with consulting, engineering, inspection, assessment, technology development and training.

Norsk Energi is first and foremost a consulting company, undertaking over 400 small and large projects each year for private and public clients. However, Norsk Energi is also an association for energy consumers and producers in Norway. Members of the association account for more than 80 % of industrial energy consumption in Norway. The association was established in 1916 under the name ‘Norsk Dampkjelforening’ (Norwegian Steam Boiler Association).

The increased awareness of climate change and energy efficiency, has resulted in Norsk Energi’s services being more in demand than ever. The company, therefore, is currently in a period of growth. Norsk Energi has a head office in Skøyen in Oslo, with regional offices in Bergen and Gjøvik.