Our overall goal is to contribute to effective, environmentally friendly and safe utilization of energy in Norway and abroad leading to abatement of CO2 emissions.

For our international clients, Norsk Energi provides the full range of our energy advisory services; from project development to completion, including project management, design and engineering, procurement and construction supervision.

Since 1991, we offer internationally first class energy and environmental expertise from Norway, a country with a great tradition in environmental management and one of the most advanced energy efficiency markets in Europe.

All our international projects are primarily linked to renewable energy, energy efficiency, and emissions abatement.

With more than 20 years of continuous involvement in international energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and environment projects in most countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Caucuses and Central Asia, Norsk Energi possesses unmatched knowledge of the local context and consultancy practices.

We offer:

Project Implementation Support (PIU)

We have been working with implementation of several municipal energy efficiency projects in central and eastern Europe. Norsk Energi has developed comprehensive toolbox of guidelines for design, procurement and implementation of projects in municipal energy systems and public buildings.

Training and Capacity building

Since 1994, Norsk Energi has successfully managed and implemented a number of long-term technical assistance and capacity building programs in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Caucasus and Russia. Combining training with real project development is an important feature of these programs.

Examples of such programs provided by Norsk Energi recently:

  • Business planning of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects

  • Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Management and Municipal Energy Planning

  • Small hydropower capacity development

  • Environmental and Energy Studies

Consultancy services provided by Norsk Energi are at the interface between technical and management consultancy. We help our clients with feasibility studies, development of concrete investment projects, environmental and climate/Black Carbon calculations. Several of our assignments are the analysis of institutional and regulatory reform, convergence to internationally recognised best practices and standards.

Supporting Environmental Improvements of Barents Hot Spots

NEFCO and AMAP (Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program) have mapped out 42 environmental “Hot Spots” in Barents region, which require measures of protection and action. Since 2009, Norsk Energi provides technical and environmental expertise for the exclusion of several Barents Hot Spots.

EEA grants

Norway's so-called EEA grants are allocated to a great number of energy, climate and environmental projects in central and east European countries. The projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and that have a competent partner from Norway are a priority.

Norsk Energi is an attractive partner for counterparts from these countries, which would like to apply and implement for EEA grants available for energy, environmental and climate projects. We possess both recent EEA experience from several country and extensive professional expertise.

Services to International Technical Assistance Agencies

Norsk Energi internationally co-operates with international financing institutions like the World Bank, EBRD, NEFCO (Nordic Environment Finance Corporation) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Our experience includes, but not limited to the following IFI funded projects:

  • NEFCO – non-stop consultancy services in Ukraine, Russia and Georgia since 2006

  • EBRD - Market Studies on Demand for Sustainable Energy Investments in Central Asia and Caucasus

  • MFA Norway - Small Hydropower Market Development in Georgia

  • World Bank – Integrated Energy Audit of Tajik Aluminium Company in Tajikistan

  • UNDP - Training of Private Biofuel Producers in Moldova