• Norsk Energi Kontroll

    Norsk Energi Kontroll AS are specialists in independent
    control services of equipment and facilities for handling of
    dangerous substance including pressurized equipment
    within thermal energy and energy efficiency in industry.

Norsk Energi Kontroll AS (NEK AS) is Norsk Energi’s subsudiary and an independent company.

Norsk Energi Kontroll AS offers services as a Notified Body (NoBo no.: 2780) for equipment that are regulated by Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU - PED) and carries out conformity assessment of all pressurized equipment and assemblies.

Additionally, NEK AS, as an inspection body type A (acc. to NEK EN ISO/IEC 17020) offers conformity assessment services (Final inspection) under the national legislation “Regulation of hazardous substances” which also will be required before start-up of the plant. However, the agreement for this service will normally be between the inspection body and the operator/owner of the plant.

The primary contact in Norsk Energi Kontroll AS will be:

Øystein Knutsen (CEO)
Phone no: +47 469 81 802,

secondary contact:
Tove Sigvartsen (Quality manager)
Phone. No: +47 40 60 87 27

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