Demonstration Project for CO2 capture at Norcem Brevik

Norsk Energi is currently in the process of studying the concept of heat recovery combined with CO2 capture at the Norcem cement factory at Brevik.

In 2017 Norcem cement factory at Brevik performed a government financed concept study on full-scale demonstration plan for CO2 capture. Technical concept selection and corresponding cost estimate was established. The results from the concept study were evaluated by government officials during the Spring 2018, and the project was granted further funding to proceed with the next stage of this ambitious project (FEED-study).

The main objective of the FEED Study, which started in September this year, is further engineering and quality assurance of the initial cost estimates from the concept study. The updated cost estimate will be evaluated before a final investment decision for realization is made.

Technology qualification of new technology elements in the technical concept will be a key point in the FEED study.

Norsk Energi's role - heat recovery and steam production with shell boilers
Part of the CO2 capture process equipment requires steam. Waste heat from Norcem's cement process will be utilized to produce steam through heat recovery with shell boilers. The steam will be brought to and used at the carbon capture plant.

Norsk Energi’s scope in the project is the design, dimensioning and cost estimation of all equipment related to steam production and processing condensate. This includes integration of shell boilers in the cement process for heat recovery, steam compression equipment, steam and condensate pipes, electrode steam boiler, water treatment plant and other auxiliary equipment.

Norsk Energi is also responsible developing a technology qualification program for application of shell boilers to handle the flue gases from cement production.

ContactPaul M. Ystad

Norsk Energis prosjektgruppe (fra venstre): Christoffer Meek (prosess), Paul Andreas M. Ystad (Prosjektleder/prosess), Kristin Løbach Jordhøy (ass. prosjektleder/prosess), Kjell Olav Nerland, (teknologikvalifisering, HMS/kvalitet), Carl Skaar (BIM, konstruksjon og layout), Ronny Valjord (prosjektansvarlig/prosess), Tor Olav Eikrem (prosessansvarlig). Følgende var ikke tilstede da bildet ble tatt: Erik Bostad (elektro og automasjon), Bjørn Kroken (mekaniske beregninger av rør og utstyr), Marthe Hove Bjørnæs og Torvald Stemsrud (begge teknisk sikkerhet). Norsk Energi's project team (from left): Christoffer Meek (Process Engineer), Paul Andreas M. Ystad (Project Manager / Process Engineer), Kristin Løbach Jordhøy (Ass. Project Manager / Process Engineer), Kjell Olav Nerland (Technology Qualification, HSE / Quality Control), Carl Skaar (BIM, design and layout), Ronny Valjord (Project Manager / Process Engineer), Tor Olav Eikrem (Process Engineer). The following are not present at the picture: Erik Bostad (Electrical Engineer and Automation), Bjørn Kroken (Mechanical Calculations of Pipes and Equipment), Marthe Hove Bjørnæs and Torvald Stemsrud (both Technical Safety).

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