CO2 capture at Norcem Brevik

In the period 2017-2020, Norsk Energi participated as a project partner in the concept and FEED study of a CO2 capture plant at Norcem Brevik. Norsk Energi’s scope in the project was design and engineering of the steam system that delivers steam to the CO2 capture plant. The steam is produced in waste heat recovery boilers that recover waste heat from the cement process. Waste heat utilization gives a significant reduction in the operating costs of the project and is one of the key factors ensuring a cost-effective plant.

In the two project phases, Norsk Energi has been responsible for the design and development of the technical solution where shell boilers are used to recover approximately 30 MW of waste heat from the cement off-gas. In addition, a 22 kV electrode boiler with 8 MW installed power has been installed, which delivers 12 bar of steam as needed.

Shell boilers have not previously been used for heat recovery from cement off-gas and are therefore considered a new technology in this context. Norsk Energi participated in a technology qualification of the boiler concept as a proof of concept. As part of the verification of the boiler concept, Norsk Energi has designed, installed and operated a pilot boiler at Norcem Brevik. The results from the pilot plant have provided valuable insight and reduced the risk associated with the boiler design.

The project was presented to the Norwegian Government and a positive investment decision was made during the fall 2020. Norsk Energi shell boiler concept will be the first of its kind in the world.

In the two project phases, Norsk Energi has been responsible for the following activities:

  • Technical solution for steam system
  • Design of shell boiler concept for waste heat recovery from cement off-gas
  • Technology qualification of shell boilers according to DNVGL-RP-A203 Process evaluations, calculations, and design
  • Flowcharts and P&ID including equipment and component lists
  • 3D modeling of complete steam system incl. stress calculations of pipe system
  • Mechanical calculations of shell boilers and mechanical equipment in VVD
  • Preparation of function description for control, monitoring and safety for boiler and steam system
  • Interface coordination between other project partners HAZOP-lead for Norsk Energi scope (steam system)
  • HAZOP-lead for the off-gas interface points Preparation of CAPEX and OPEX
  • Participation in cost estimation based on AACE standard, uncertainty analysis and PDRI review

Norsk Energi is proud to participate with its cutting-edge expertise in steam technology and waste heat utilization from demanding off-gas.

Project facts

  • Client

    Norcem Brevik

  • Period


  • Field

    Process Industry

  • Scope

    Concept and FEED study
    30 MW waste heat recovery
    8 MW electrode boiler

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