Data Centre in Latvia chooses Norsk Energi’s expertise to improve its carbon footprint

A new multifunctional big data analytics platform service is to be established in Latvia by SIA DATI Group. Its data centre shall foster sustainable energy solutions. A partnership with Norsk Energi, under the framework Norway Grants Programme in Latvia, will help to choose modern climate technologies.  

On 11.01.2022. SIA DATI Group and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia have signed an agreement for the establishment of a multifunctional big data analytics platform service. Implementation of the project has already started with the aim to put hardware and relevant software in place during 2023.

An ambition is put in place container data center with low carbon footprint. The infrastructure required to provide the service will be set up in an energy-neutral container data center to ensure sustainability and long lasting operations for the platform with minimal environmental impact. The container data center shall be innovative for Latvia as the hardware it shall use (servers, switches, etc.) will feature greener technology solutions than that applied by most of data centres in Latvia and will partially be based on renewable energy sources.  

As part of the partnership, Norsk Energi assists SIA DATI Group in finding the best practice approaches regarding the technical solutions of the energy-neutral container data center, including heating and colling solutions.

Calculations suggest that the CO2 emissions would be lower by 77 tCO2/year, while energy consumption would be down by 729,47 MWh/year, as compared to business as usual solutions. The project’s total costs amount to 736 768,19 EUR out of which 623 932,55 EUR are eligible costs. The planned financial support from Norway equals to 343 162,90 or 55% of the project’s eligible costs.

As a centre of the Norwegian compentence on energy, Norsk Energi actively engages itself in the related knowledge exchange activites and partnerships under the Norway Grants Programme. In recent years, Norsk Energi has been involved in many Norway Grants projects in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland and Romania. Our involvement has focused on advisory in energy management, energy efficiency analyses and projects that reduce air pollution.

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Kontakt: Sergei Faschevsky i Norsk Energi.

Solnedgang i Riga. Foto: Hans BorchseniusSunset in Riga. Foto: Hans Borchsenius