Nytt kaffeforedlingsanlegg i Vestby

New coffee processing plant in Vestby

In the period 2016-2020, Norsk Energi provided engineering services to Joh Johannson Kaffe AS related to an energy production plant for a new coffee processing plant in Vestby. The scope also included preparation of Enova applications for investment subsidies with positive outcome.

JJK's ambitions for the new coffee house have been very high, targeting very low emissions and environmental footprint. The factory is built of wood, propane has been replaced with biogas, and the project has set high requirements with regards to energy efficiency in the new coffee roasting machines. E.g., waste heat recovery from coffee machines off-gas was a requirement.

Norsk Energi has designed the energy production plant in this facility. Extensive utilization of waste heat and cooling from energy wells has been used to provide an energy-efficient plant. Among the solutions used to achieve this are:

  • Selection of biofuel type that meets coffee quality requirements and is most favorable from an economic and logistical point-of-view
  • Energy wells for cooling of the cooling system
  • Large accumulator tanks for storing waste heat from roasting machines
  • Heat recovery from compressed air compressors
  • Heat pumps that utilize residual heat in cooling systems to supplement the hot water system
  • Low temperature hot water circuit to reduce heat loss and achieve high COP on heat pump
  • Advanced control and regulation for good interaction between subsystems

Norsk Energi’s project activities and deliverables have included:

  • Development of concept for energy solution and preparation of basic engineering report
  • Energy calculations
  • Preparation of process flow diagrams (PFD and P&ID) and 3D model
  • Preparation of Enova applications and Enova reporting
  • Preparation of technical specifications and tender documentation
  • Clarifications and supplier follow-up during construction phase

Project facts

  • Client

    Johannson Kaffe AS

  • Period


  • Field

    Food and Beverage Industry

  • Scope
    Basic and detail engineering of energy production plant


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