Environmental management ensures continuous improvement of environmental performance

Development of environmental management systems is a core competency of Norsk Energi. Such a system paves the way for continuous improvement in both environmental and energy performance.

Our environmental management systems ensure that emissions to air, water and land, energy consumption and waste generation are reduced in a sustainable and profitable manner. This also has the additional benefit of providing positive environmental promotion, and therefore improving the company’s market positioning.

These systems ensure environmental considerations are taken into account as part of the company’s existing decision making and budget development procedures. All work is carried out in close cooperation with the client, and environmental management systems are tailored to enhance the company’s existing procedures for quality assurance and energy management.

We identify and use environmental indicators which are easy to track, highlight improvements in environmental performance and are suitable for benchmarking. This makes Norsk Energi a safe choice for the implementation, or review of your environmental management system.